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Mastercard is one of the leading companies, providing its customers with high quality services, special deals and offers and constant support. Master card can be called a pioneer in the credit cards & debit cards market, alongside with Visa company.

Mastercard has been for more than 40 years at the market and its customers are fully satisfied with the highly experienced services and many advantages of using MasterCards.

Mastercard benefits

  • When using Mastercard, you can make instant money transactions to your online casino account;
  • Mastercard charges no fees for the money processing;
  • The crucial advantage is that Mastercard is always accepted in all online casinos.

Payment cards types

Mastercard company has a very creative and highly experienced management team, that cares about its customers. It can be proved by the fact that the company developed a wide range of payment cards in order to satisfy the growing needs of the users.

Mastercard Prepaid

It is definitely more convenient to use credit cards instead of cash, but Mastercard Prepaid has overcome others by offering even more comfort. The first notable thing about this card is the easy and quick registration, where you will be asked to proof your identity & state the address.

The other pleasant difference of the Mastercard Prepaid is that when making transactions through this card, the money is taken only from that amount that the owner loaded on the card. That means the complete safety, as no funds are taken from the bank account.

The user can easily load money again on the card whenever needed by using the provided options (e.g. by means of special voucher purchase from any post office or by means of money transfer from the internet or bank account).

MasterCard Debit

Mastercard Debit is quite different from the previous card as when depositing to the online casino account, the money is taken directly from the users account. It should be noted that the transaction can be declined because of the luck of money on the holder's bank account. To avoid other unpleasant surprises check out the list of accredited and reputable online casinos that accept mastercard.

MasterCard Gift

MasterCard Gift is a special card for gifting. These cards have the specific value of 25USD, 100USD, 200USD and even 1000USD. The peculiarity of these cards is that when the money is spent, it cannot be reloaded again.

Mastercard is definitely one of the most commonly used cards, as it is accepted in lots of online casinos and money transfers are made in a real time manner. But note that players cannot make withdrawals through the Mastercard. It can be done by means of bank transfer, Visa card or paper check

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