Firepay is the most popular online account in the USA. Firepay works like a traditional debit card and has no fees for opening. Firepay is one of the nicest ways of funding online casinos account as it is quick and easy e-wallet with total customer support and services.

After signing up for Firepay account, which is free of charge, you will get your Personal Firepay online Account, allowing you to withdraw and deposit money from and to the account freely. Having this kind of electronic debit card means that you can fund your online Firepay account right from the bank account (with small fees only) and use it for making purchases online.

Why Firepay do not charge its users? The answer is simple, Firepay get its income from small service fees paid by merchants for each time an owner of the Personal Firepay online Account pay at their website.

Nowadays, with the fast growing online gaming market, Firepay has found its place by offering its service for online casinos' accounts funding. At the time being, Firepay has become one of the most popular and reputable payment methods in almost every online casino due to its easiness safety and security.

Firepay security

As many other electronic account systems, Firepay pays close attention to the security issues, as the most important features of the reputable online account provider. Firepay uses the latest technological systems with advanced and highly sophisticated software to ensure customers safety and security. The personal data of account holders are encrypted, IP addresses are being filtered and anti-fraud systems are protecting money transferring operations.

Pro and Con of Firepay

Firepay offers lots of benefits for its customers:

  • Free sign up;
  • no fees for paying and receiving money;
  • Instant depositing, funding and transferring with no more boring waiting right after the first deposit to online Firepay account;
  • Immediate access to the funds;
  • No limits for any kind of payment;
  • Detailed description and information about all transactions;
  • 24/7 customer support service.

The only real disadvantage of the Firepay service system is that Personal Firepay online Account cannot be funded via credit cards. But considering all the advantages, this small inconvenience may not even count.

Firepay casinos

Firepay online casinos are popular all over the world, offering good service for players. The Firepay payment option is very convenient and quick, allowing gamblers to start playing right after funding the online casino account. The only exceptional feature of the Firepay system is that it charges nominal services not its customers, but online casinos every time when players choose Firepay as their payment option at their sites.

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