Bank Transfers

Bank transfers

As we all know classics never grow old, as well as classical methods of payment are always in use. Money transactions via bank transfer are popular and keep up with all the alternative payment options. So, what is the bank transfer and how has it appeared? Let's have a quick look in the past.

Types of bank transfers

Wire transfer is one of the most popular kinds of bank transfer. It is welcomed in many online casinos and gamblers depositing or withdrawing with the help of this method are awarded with extra bonuses. Wire transfer allows users to make transactions in different currencies converting it in the process if needed. Read more
E-check is the electronic kind of traditional paper check. It is mostly used by American and Canadian players for funding online casinos accounts. E-check is a speedy way of transferring money from one account to another with the only condition to have a checking account in order to use this option. Read more
ACH is one of the most frequently used payment option in many online casinos. It is an online payment system functioning as an electronic check, a prototype of a traditional paper check. ACH is available for US and Canadian players only. Deposits and withdrawals are made quickly and easily via ACH payment system. Read more
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A bit of history

The first bank in the world was opened in Italy and was called Bank of St George. After some time, many other banks were opening to help people manage their finance. Over the years banks were gaining more and more popularity and started playing a very important role in the life of society.

In 1981 the New York's banks were the first banks offering a new service called online banking, which meant banking via mobile phones. It was a very progressive and innovative idea, allowing people to be more comfortable with their means.

In the late 90s, when the Internet was spreading rapidly, a new banking service appeared. It was online banking with the bank transfer as a part of a progress.

Nowadays, bank transfer is the most frequently used payment method guaranteeing the best security in the world.


All banks all over the world are allowing their clients to transfer money easily and safely via their bank accounts. How it is possible? In order to make a bank transfer an account holder should indicate his/her account details, the necessary sum for transferring and the details of the recipient bank. All the details are carefully checked and the transaction is possible when bank makes sure in reliability of both sides.

Bank transfers are surely one of the most secure, but still rather expensive methods. Bank will charge fees for providing such operations. In addition to that money transaction process via bank transfer can take up to five business days, which is a long time comparing to alternative options, such as e-wallets, and even credit cards or debit cards. Moreover, many banks may set limits on the amount of money sent per one transaction.

In spite of some considerable disadvantages, bank transfers are definitely the most secure ways of transferring, as bank security systems check thoroughly all financial operations.