With the growing popularity of the Internet, all kinds of online activities have gained more adherers. "Online world" creates its entertainments, kinds of business and its payment methods. The latter needs thorough consideration as everything dealing with money is a serious matter.

There many ways of transferring money nowadays including traditional methods (e.g. Credit cards, Debit cards, bank transfers) and alternative ones (e.g. online account, so called e-wallets and e-checks). What options are better? That depends on particular person, as any kind of money transferring method has its benefits alongside with setbacks. Let's consider one of the most frequently used online payment option, called e-check.


E-check is an electronic prototype of a traditional paper check, even with the same functions. E-check is mostly used by US and Canadian players as a payment method in online casinos. This option is really fantastic because of its rapid processing and time-saving manner. Many online casinos award their users with additional bonuses for choosing E-checks in their casino banking page.

E-checks are suitable for everyone trying to save time when buying online or simply transferring money from one account to another.

How it works?

If you are interested in making safe and quick money transactions, you have to learn to use e-checks. It is very simple, as no registration is needed on additional web sites. The only crucial requirement is to have regular checking account. The next step of transferring money via e-check is to fill out the registration form and send it over the Internet, for example, to online casino account. This process takes seconds, but the user is supposed to make sure whether the sent sum of money is available on his/her checking account.

It is also important to know that money is not actually transferred straight away, the transaction is proceed on the credit basis, the real transfer will take place in a few days. Nevertheless, right after the money transferring, account holder or online casino can use this money.

E-check advantages and disadvantages

E-check is really quick and hassles free option, but they are not only its benefits. E-check is also popular and widely used because:

  • The withdrawal process is very easy and a player does not need to fill lots of additional paper to get the money;
  • There are no limits on deposits and they can be done instantly;
  • Extra bonuses awarded by online casinos if using it as a payment method.

Any kind of payment method has its setbacks, and e-check is not an exception, as it set limits for those who sending money for the first time via e-checks. They can sent only 500$ per week. Another disadvantage is that withdrawal process can take couple of days despite its easiness.

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