EcoCard is a virtual debit card. This card is very popular nowadays as it provides qualified services due to the experience of the company. EcoCard is considered to be an alternative payment method with top-notch security and terrific support when gambling online.


Founded in 1998, EcoCard Ltd. is located in Luxembourg at present. EcoCard is the European technological company doing its business by focusing on the alternative payment processing & wide range of payment solutions. The platform of EcoCard provides customers with safe alternative to credit cards.

EcoCard is functioning as the traditional debit cards but alongside with better security & privacy measures for the all kinds of online transactions.

It is really great to know that customers can use EcoCard all over the world and make payment from different destinations and, what's more important, in the local currencies. Moreover, the use of the EcoCard is very easy and simple.

How to receive an EcoCard?

In order to sign up for an EcoCard and enjoy the nice and simple deposit and withdrawal processes, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Fill in a form for signing up, providing personal details, e-mail address and password, and the chosen currency;
  • Wait for an e-mail with your EcoCard account number and user ID;
  • Activate an EcoCard online account by logging in with the help of the emailed information.

Pro and con of EcoCard


Anything in the world is perfect, but many companies are trying hard to provide their customers with the best services ever. EcoCard company is not an exception. Let's look closer at the advantages offered for EcoCard owners.

  • EcoCard account can be funded in different ways: with the help of Wire Transfers, Money Grams, Western Union, via the European bank account or direct deposits from a player bank;
  • The registration procedure is as easy as one, two, three: a player just need to log in the company's web site;
  • Depositing and Withdrawing procedures are easy with EcoCard, an user just need to log in his/her account and choose the corresponding section;
  • As a rapidly expanding company, EcoCard offers its customers a multi-language support service and acceptance of a great number of currencies;
  • EcoCard security systems are very sophisticated and allow the customers not to worry about their money transaction safety as all the personal data are encrypted with the latest software; alongside with the usage of the fraud detection systems;
  • EcoCard is also offering instant depositing and total privacy when funding;
  • And last, but not least, EcoCard offers 24/7 customer support service dealing with any kind of users problems and disputes.


Being a very convenient mean of money processing with lots of benefits, EcoCard, though, has its disadvantages. For example, EcoCard service is not available for residents of the USA.

Another disadvantage is that EcoCard charges fees for some services:

  • Withdrawing as well as depositing are not free of charge;
  • Transactions via wire transfer will take $10 USD fee from the user;
  • Bank checks will require even higher fee - $25 USD, not to mention the fact, that these transactions are available only for users from Italy and the UK.

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