Internet has involved so much entertaining activities that it is hard to imagine our life without it. In addition to that many people conduct business through the Internet and it is crucial for them to make safe secure and quick online money transactions. Luckily, there are such a great variety of ways for money transferring that can suit different tastes and needs. The most traditional ones are credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers, alongside with them people can use more innovative ways of financial transfers, such as e-checks and online payment system ACH. The latter is gaining higher popularity and is expected to be the worldwide used system.


ACH is the abbreviation for Automated Clearing House. This online system is similar to the electronic check and allows transferring money directly from one account to another. It is the easiest and simplest way of money transaction. ACH is an innovative option for online gamblers playing constantly and not wanting to wait for starting playing.

Online casino account as well as any other account will receive money as soon as they are sent. This is the best convenience of the ACH system. The withdrawal process is very easy too; the winnings are transferred directly to the players account.

How it works?

It is worth mentioning, that all payments made via ACH (especially casino payments) are transferred with the help of online systems, for instance, e-check, UseMyBank or Citadel. It is pleasant to know that right after the payment you will be able to gamble.

In order to initiate the ACH transfer for the online casino, you will just need to provide your name, address, the desired amount of money to fund, your account number (savings or check account possible), number of a check and routing number. It looks a bit difficult, but in reality it takes only few minutes and you are all set!

Key features

  • ACH was primary created as a withdrawal option;
  • Withdrawal process can take up to eight working days;
  • There is no need to be a credit card holder to be able to make transfers via ACH;
  • ACH sets a daily limits for deposits. It is 250$ per one day;
  • ACH is available only for American and Canadian citizens; moreover, the bank account for transaction via ACH should be based in North America;
  • Many online casinos accepting ACH payment may switch off and on this option, depending on the USA legislation situation. It is always advisable to check whether this option is available in online casino before depositing with ACH.

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