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Credit cards have become the essential things in our today's everyday life. Some people cannot imagine their lives without them. They are the most convenient way of transferring money or making purchases. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely used and popular ones as they are accepted everywhere. What about Diners Club cards? What do we know about them?


Diners Club company was established in 1950 in New York. The Irish American entrepreneur Frank McNamara decided to create the first payment card in the world, as there were no analogous at that time.

Right after the launching his product, the Diners Club card was the choice of millions of people around the globe. That was complete success! Diners Club was the first company that actually established an idea of self-sufficient company producing credit cards for travel and entertainment.

After the establishment of the Diners Club company its cards have become the world's 1st charge cards for multi-purposes. It has made a kind of financial revolution.

Nowadays, Diners Club is the most frequently used payment option at the online casinos. It is used worldwide (more than two hundred countries) and is a quick, safe and secure way to transmit money to your online casino account.

Diners Club company is recognized worldwide, servicing its clients in different financial services: from personal payment needs to expense management for small companies and large corporations.

Diners club benefits

The Diners Club is a highly experienced company providing its customers with complete comfort and 24/7 customer support service around the globe. It offers a new slots bonus and a wide range of exclusive benefits for its users.

It is worth mentioning that Diners card owners are rich people, being able to buy highly expensive items via their card, as it is very convenient for them. For being loyal to the Diners card, the company rewards its users with amazing benefits, such as:

  • Voyage Miles;
  • Vouchers for accommodation;
  • Entertainment vouchers;
  • Ability to use VIP class facilities in the airports;
  • Concierge facilities;
  • Free of charge travel insurance when being abroad.

In addition to rich benefits it is worth to remember that Diners Club card is a qualified service, immediate payments, worldwide acceptance and constant support all round the globe!

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