Millions of online players are gambling in the online casinos whether winning or losing money. The main necessity in order to gamble online for real money is to choose the payment method. Online casinos offer their players a wide range of payment options (e.g. credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and even e-wallets ) to satisfy their needs.

The most popular online payment system is called PayPal. It was created in March 2000. PayPal has its headquarters operating from Sanjose (California, the USA).

It is the e-commerce service allowing financial transactions via Internet. PayPal is a new name in the online gaming market and it is gaining more and more popularity. Nowadays, PayPal manages more than 150 million accounts and operates in more than a hundred markets, allowing its customers to make transactions in about 20 currencies.

It is very easy to deal with PayPal because of its simplicity and safety. It provides its customers with any kind of money transactions in just one click. This online payment option is available virtually everywhere, making the unlimited playing at a paypal casino access possible to its users. Providing the best quality ever, PayPal is definitely one of the most reputable and popular online payment systems at present.

How to create a PayPal account?

PayPal attracts users offering absolutely easy way to create its account. Signing up for the online account has not ever been that simple. The only condition is that one should have a valid e-mail address alongside with a credit card. If there is no problem with that, go to the PayPal web site and fill the form for registration. This service allows choosing the preferred currency and even the log-in information for safe money transfer in future. Then, with the help of a credit card money can be deposited on a new PayPal account. Opening this account allows gamblers to fund only those online casinos that have PayPal as their payment option. In is worth mentioning, that personal money transactions are free in the PayPal online system.

Depositing and Withdrawing via PayPal

As any other online payment system, PayPal has set its depositing and withdrawing limits.

Depositing limits:

  • $50 USD as a minimum sum for a single deposit;
  • $5000 USD as a maximum sum for a single deposit;
  • $10,000 USD as a maximum deposit for one month.

Withdrawing limits:

  • Not more than $500 USD can be withdrawn without personal authorization.
  • PayPal security

    PayPal is always trying to protect its customers from fraud and Internet abuse, while using its service. That is why it is paying close attention to the security issues. In order to ensure safety PayPal protect its users with the help of highly sophisticated software systems for fraud detection alongside with SSL encryption technology. In addition to that any financial transactions can be made only after password & user name authorization known only to an account owner.

    PayPal advantages

    Being one of the best payment options is not easy. PayPal company has to work hard to satisfy a great variety of tastes and needs. Nevertheless, PayPal does it easily, offering its customers such pleasant advantages:

    • 24/7 customer support;
    • Speedy and prompt payments;
    • Easy access for any person;
    • No credit cards numbers for paying;
    • Quick check-out when shopping;
    • Financial transactions available through mobile phones;

    There are even more interesting advantages for those, decided to enjoy the life with a new pal, the PayPal.

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