Having considered a number of different payment options for online gamblers, one can wonder why they need so many methods. It is very easy to explain, as all the companies working in the online gaming market are trying to please their customers providing them with a wide range of choice and better comfort ever.

Different people have different tastes and credit cards providers always care about their clients and try to attract more people to use their services. In order to widen the number of users, credit card companies offer attractive deals, special benefits and, of course, bonuses.

What about AMEX?

AMEX (American Express credit card) is one of the payment options to make quick and safe deposits to the online casino account. Although, it is quick and secure, this payment method is not used very often. Why? The reason is simple, not many online casinos accept AMEX users comparing to Visa or MasterCard.

Despite this fact, AMEX is very convenient way of money depositing, offering simple and time saving manner of transferring. But it is important to know, that not all of the online casinos allowing deposits via AMEX are equally good in operation. Players should pay attention to the choice of the online casino.

In order to make a deposit, a player will be asked to enter his/her AMEX card details and make transaction afterwards. In should be mentioned that security issues in the AMEX company are of the outmost priorities. All the data are saved and encoded with the help of state-of-the-art cryptologic software, so there is no chance anyone accesses your personal account without authorization. This the reason why AMEX is one of the most trusted credit card company in the world.

Types of AMEX cards

Catering for customers comfort, AMEX created two types of cards:

  • American Express Platinum Card
  • AMEX Black Card

They are provided to allow the users to make bigger deposits as there is a very high depositing limit.

AMEX advantages

The main advantages of AMEX credit card are:

  • Possibility of instant depositing;
  • Relatively high limits in comparison with other cards;
  • Availability to the USA players as the method of payment in online casinos.

AMEX disadvantages

In spite of good and positive reviews, AMEX has its weak points:

  • Small amount of online casinos allowing depositing via AMEX;
  • No possibility to withdraw money through AMEX credit card (depositing only);
  • The number of online casinos offering AMEX as their payment option will not increase soon, due to the common fact that the Americans are not accepted to every casino because of their difficult online gambling laws.

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