Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Debit cards have become one of the most popular ways of payment nowadays. Many countries are accepting cash even less than before, because of the debit cards. So what are they? Why are they so popular?


Debit card is also known as check card or bank card. It is a plastic card substituting cash operations. Debit card is an alternative and very popular payment option when purchasing (online or land-based) or gambling online.

Debit card is functioning like a paper check or cash, as when paying with debit card money is taking automatically from the holder's bank account. To be more precise, debit card can be even called a paper check because of the similarity in functions.

The debit card usage has become really widespread and common around the world.

What is the difference between debit and credit cards?

Debit cards and credit cards have different functioning peculiarities, though they seem to be very similar in use. Both of them can be used to pay for purchases, make funding and money transfers and even gamble online. So why are they different?

The main and the most important thing to know that a debit card allows its holder to spend as much money, as available at his/her account; whereas a credit card has no such limits, a credit card holder can exceed the available sum by "borrowing" from the bank. Can you see the difference?

After using a credit card, a holder receives a bill and has to pay what was spent over the limit. If it is not done straight away, a bank set certain fees and after some time, the sum will increase.

Some people don't like to use credit cards, as they don't like to borrow and pay back later. It depends on people, as the demand for credit cards is as high as on the debit cards.

Debit Cards System Types

Due to the high demand of the money transactions via debit cards, nowadays exists three ways of debit card transactions:

  • Online debit or PIN debit;
  • Offline debit or signature debit;
  • Electronic Purse Card System.

It should be mentioned, that apart from the most famous and most commonly used debit cards MasterCard and VISA, there are also many reputable and trustworthy brands as Maestro or Solo.

Debit Cards advantages

There is no doubt that debit card is very useful "device" at present, but what are the main advantages? Let's consider them attentively:

  • Much easiest in use comparing to credit cards or cash;
  • No need in any approvals and identities when using debit cards;
  • All debit cards have PIN for protection and security of the cardholder's money;
  • Debit cards can be used worldwide;
  • Debit cards are accepted everywhere in stores and casinos (including online shopping and online gambling);
  • 24/7 constant access to the account information;
  • No interest fees while using debit cards.

Debit Cards disadvantages

Debit cards seem to be perfect. Can they have any disadvantages? Yes, let's check them out.

  • No possibility to spend more than is available on the bank account (make sure you have enough money while shopping or travelling);
  • Fewer protection when paying, due to the dishonest merchants and, as a result, broken-down or undelivered products;
  • Almost no protection if your card number is known to other people, as they may use your card virtually even without having it;
  • Less protection when losing your debit card, as it is not necessarily to show any identification to use debit cards.

Special Debit Cards for gambling online

Debit cards entered our lives and place important roles in it. And it is no weird, that debit cards have become the most popular method of payment for purchasing, but also for online gambling. Let's look closer at the list of debit cards most commonly used for online gaming:

  • Maestro - an international debit card (not available for the USA players) which is owned by MasterCard;
  • Carte Bleue ("Blue Card") - popular French debit card;
  • Walmart Money Card - highly used for depositing online;
  • Wired plastic card - is available for US players for depositing as well as withdrawing.

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