It is a common knowledge that the USA players are fond of gambling. They bring high income to many casinos worldwide. Online gambling is one of the most popular entertainments among the US residents. Despite this fact, the Congress in the USA prohibits gambling and bans any money transactions between financial institutions and online casinos accounts, especially by means of credit cards. As a result a lot of online casinos have shut their doors for the USA players not to break the law.

JCB overview

Despite many restrictions and strict American laws, there are methods allowing the US gamblers to play online. JCB cards are one of them as they can be legally used in 9 states of the United States of America, such as California, New York, Connecticut, Nevada, Hawaii, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington & Oregon.

JCB is a modern provider for payment card services. The name JCB is an abbreviation for Japanese Credit Bureau and was actually originated from Japan. JCB cards are very popular today and are frequently chosen as the payment option in many online casinos. They are issued in more than 15 countries and are accepted in more than 150 countries around the globe, having more than 60 million users. It is a big success for the JCB company.

Apart from being an online payment option in casinos, JCB are frequently used instead of using real cash in the shops, restaurants and even tourists attractions. That means that JCB card gives its owner comfort and convenience in everything.

JCB benefits and limits

Functioning as a credit card or as a payment option, JCB provides its customers with many conveniences. For example, JCB card has no annual fees and it's free to gain this card. These are very important advantages.

Another pleasant feature about JCB is that this card offers special support for online players gambling in casinos with JCB as their payment options. Moreover, JCB customer support team works 24/7 to make sure no unsolved problems dissatisfy its customers.

What about depositing limits of JCB cards? There is only one limit when using JCB card: not to succeed $12000 USD transferring credit, with $500 USD as the minimum one.

Being a JCB card owner is pleasant and convenient, as you always feel the protection and care.

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